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Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers
Volume 2: January - June 1893 (NEW!)

By Mattias Boström and Matt Laffey

A Quick Succession of Subjects
Lectures and Speeches on Sherlock Holmes (NEW!)

By Christopher Redmond

A Curious Collection of Dates:
Through the Year with Sherlock Holmes (NEW!)

By Leah Guinn and Jaime N. Mahoney

Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers
Volume 1: 1881-1892

By Mattias Boström and Matt Laffey

One Fixed Point in a Changing Age:
A New Generation on Sherlock Holmes

Edited by Manente, Fleischhack, Roy & Blumenberg

The Strand Magazine & Sherlock Holmes
by Robert Veld

"Occasionally to Embellish":
Some Writings on Sherlock Holmes

by Nicholas Utechin

Ronald Knox and Sherlock Holmes: The Origins of Sherlockian Studies
Edited, with an introduction by Michael J. Crowe

Sherlockian Heresies
by Léo Sauvage
Edited, with an Introduction by Julie McKuras & Susan Vizoskie

Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and The Bookman
Edited and Annotated by S.E. Dahlinger and Leslie S. Klinger

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
75th Anniversary Edition

By Vincent Starrett
Edited by Ray Betzner


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Baker Street Rambles
By Leslie S. Klinger

Cases of Identity
By David Hammer

The Complete Baker Street Ballads
By Charles E. Lauterbach
Illustrated by Henry Lauritzen

The Serpentine Musings, Vol. 2
Suzan Z. Diamond, Marilynne Mckay, Editors

The Illustrious Clients Second Case-Notes
Steven Doyle & Mark Gagen, Editors

The Illustrious Clients Fourth Casebook
S. Doyle, M. Gagen & W. Barton, Editors

Commanding Views from the Empty House
William Cochran & Gordon Speck, Editors

David Hammer's series of travel books identify actual sites throughout England and Europe which correspond with the settings of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Profusely illustrated, they are the definitive books on the subject.

A Dangerous Game
By David Hammer

A Deep Game: The Travelers' Guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes
By David Hammer