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Annett and BrettThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was the first series in Granada Television's Sherlock Holmes series. Universally hailed as the most faithful screen adaptations of all time, Granada's Sherlock Holmes has been highly praised for its star, Jeremy Brett, as well as its adherence to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original characterization of Watson, its high production values, and close attention to period detail. Paul Annett, is an experienced British film and television director and producer (The Beast Must Die, starring Peter Cushing, Charles Gray and Michael Gambon), but for Sherlockian cinefiles, Annett was the first director of the landmark Granada Television Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett, and it was his involvement that not only set the course for the entire series, but also established Brett on the right dramatic path.

Annett and Brett"Paul Annett steered Jeremy in the right direction at the start of the series - away from the white-faced grotesque which the actor thought was appropriate. He introduced Jeremy to the humour of the character and persuaded him to bring some of his own personality into it. The films which Paul made are among my favourites in the whole series."

- Michael Cox, Creator and Producer