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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

The Sherlock Holmes Review
2021 Sherlockian Annual

Edited by Steven Doyle

The Original Sherlock Holmes Review was described as "the last great Sherlock Holmes periodical." The new Sherlock Holmes Review is, indeed, everything the original was... a combination of innovative design, and a broad embrace of the Sherlockian universe, coupled with a freewheeling editorial viewpoint. The Sherlock Holmes Review is, indeed, back.

Within these pages you will find articles on Sherlockian film and television; classic canonical scholarship; works on detective literature and Sherlockian illustrators; Sherlockian history and community, fiction; collection; and reviews... something for everyone!

Contributors to this issue include:
Nicholas Meyer
Robert Doherty
Frank Cho
Steve Hockensmith
Ann Margaret Lewis
Leslie S. Klinger
Jimmy Akin
And Many More!!

118 pp., illustrated, soft cover, $24.95