"When the American actor William Gillette wrote the first stage play about Holmes, he sent a telegram to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, asking: 'May I marry Holmes?'. Conan Doyle wired back: 'Marry him or murder him or do what you like with him.' With this generous thought in mind (which was typical of Conan Doyle), I become the latest in a long line of 'loungers and idlers' who have meddled with the great man's works for profit and for pleasure. Many of the words you will hear are Conan Doyle's own, taken on and fashioned into an original mystery which I hope will intrigue Conan Doyle himself if he's looking in."
--Jeremy Paul

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke discuss Jeremy Paul's "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes!"

Jeremy Paul not only scripted eleven of the forty-one episodes of Granada Television's Sherlock Holmes series, he was awarded the Edgar [Best Television Episode] for his 1988 adaptation of "The Musgrave Ritual," and again nominated for his adaptation of "The Problem of Thor Bridge."

However, Jeremy Paul's Sherlock Holmes scriptwriting wasn't confined to television. His play, "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes", was commissioned by Jeremy Brett and ran in London's West End at the Wyndham Theatre during the 1988-1989 for several hundred performances. The play concentrates on the famous friendship at 221B Baker Street, and reveals a startling secret that the enigmatic detective kept from his trusted confidant. The conversational plot shifts from mystery to action to a momentous confession, while bringing the best of the Sherlockian canon to the stage.

What the critics said about "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes"

"If you want to discover "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes" you'll have to go to Wyndham's Theatre because I'm not giving the game away. A hugely enjoyable evening." --Sunday Mirror

"Jeremy Brett ... is Holmes with humour and an unexpected heart ... forever eclipses the memory of Basil Rathbone." --Daily Express

"Edward Hardwicke ... stalwartly genuine... not a touch of falsity in his performance." --The Independent

"Brilliantly served by Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, the best Holmes and Watson respectively, I have ever seen." --Sunday Express

"Both performances are of a high brilliance." --Times Lit Supp

"Jeremy Brett ... a brilliantly sculptured piece of exhibition acting ...a spellbinding performance." --Daily Telegraph