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A Study in Celluloid: A Producer's Account of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
by Michael Cox

Back in print at last!

Hailed as "the Sherlock Holmes of his generation," Jeremy Brett's portrayal reintroduced the public to The Great Detective as Arthur Conan Doyle, himself, envisioned him. Moody, arrogant, and impulsive as well as loyal, brave, and determined; here, at last, was the brilliant reasoner of Baker Street depicted as a living, breathing human being. This is the inside story of the most successful and faithful adaptation of Sherlock Holmes ever filmed. Legendary for its fidelity to the original tales and its impeccable period detail, Granada Television's Sherlock Holmes brought the adventures of the Great Detective to life in a way never before seen, and redefined the friendship of Holmes and Watson for all time.

"The series began in the heyday of independent television. In those happier days, the senior executives of Granada used to meet about once a month to discuss plans for the future. Late at night, on one of those occasions, I mentioned that the work of Conan Doyle had (as I thought) fallen into public domain. After a decade in which hardly anything of Holmes had been seen on television, we could make the definitive series, in colour, for a new generation."
—Michael Cox
   Producer of Granada Television's
   Sherlock Holmes

228 pp., photographs, soft-cover, $28.95