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More Sherlock Holmes Stage & Screen writings.

The Illustrated Speckled Band: The Original 1910 Stage Production in Script and Photographs
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Edited by Leslie S. Klinger

For over a century Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have appeared on stage and screen often bearing little resemblance to the original characters. But what if you could see them portrayed as their creator, himself, intended? Now you can!

In 1910, Arthur Conan Doyle seized the opportunity to present this own version of Sherlock Holmes on the stage. No production, before or since, has had as much direct input from the character's own creator. Now, for the first time ever, Doyle's own script is brought together with a long-lost treasure trove of photographs documenting the original production, scene by scene. In The Illustrated Speckled Band, you will experience, in words and pictures, Arthur Conan Doyle's own vision of Sherlock Holmes.

112 pp., photographs, soft-cover, $19.95

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