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This Work of Storytelling
Arthur Conan Doyle's Speech to the Author's Club
London, June 29, 1896

Facsimile, transcription, and commentary
by Cathy and Glen S. Miranker, editors

Delve into one of Arthur Conan Doyle's best speeches... yet one little known in its entirety. This 62-page, hardbound, limited edition in dust jacket features 10 color illustrations, including items reproduced for the first time.

Contents Include:
Facsimile reproduction of speech manuscript and transcription

"Clubbable Friends: Arthur Conan Doyle and Douglas Sladen" by Peggy Macfarlane Purdue and Cathy Miranker

"Arthur Conan Doyle at the Author’s Club" by Andrew Lycett

"Better Things: Conan Doyle in 1896" by Daniel Stashower

"The Adventure of the Misplaced Inscription" by Michael A. Meer

By special arrangement, available exclusively from

"How I wish I could have heard Arthur Conan Doyle lecture on anything - even Spiritualism. Indeed, that is the only thing I, or anyone else living, has ever heard him speak about (during his 1928 Fox Film interview). But now we have the next best thing. Not only have Cathy and Glen Miranker generously reproduced the manuscript of ACD's 1896 talk on the art of fiction writing, they have lovingly and thoughtfully gathered four other scholars of Conan Doyle to put that talk in the context of his life, travels, friends, writings, and clubs. Fittingly, a mystery is solved, and further avenues of scholarly exploration are signposted for future writing.

"Considering what the Mirankers have accomplished in giving us the first facsimile of a non-fiction work by ACD, I must agree with Conan Doyle's words, which you'll find here, albeit in a different context: "[I]t is certain that the object of that work is a noble one..." All Doyens (indeed all sentient Sherlockians) are in the Mirankers' debt."

—Steven Rothman, Editor Emeritus, The Baker Street Journal

62 pages, casebound, dust jacket, color illustrations $60.00