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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

The Finest Assorted Collection
Essays on Collecting Sherlock Holmes

Edited by Peter Eckrich and Rob Nunn

"I've Always Been a Collector."

This is a common phrase at every Sherlockian meeting, symposium or gathering. It also inspired the creation of this book. The Finest Assorted Collection takes you inside the world of Sherlockian collectors, with each author displaying a serious passion for his or her subset of Sherlockiana.

Why is there so much passion behind these subjects? How does one decide to collect Sherlockian cinema artifacts, or foreign language books, or Sherlockian erotica? The Finest Assorted Collection tries to answer these questions. So... choose a comfortable chair, sit back, and read about other people's craziness. Mark pages to prove to family and friends that you are not the only one with this affliction. Perhaps you'll get inspired to collect a whole new Sherlockian subject!

232 pp., illustrated, soft cover, $26.95