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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and The Bookman
Edited and Annotated by S.E. Dahlinger and Leslie S. Klinger

Gasogene Books is proud to announce the publication of this landmark. The Bookman, was a heavily illustrated monthly journal which appeared from 1895 to 1933, and was one of the finest literary magazines of the 20th Century. For the Sherlockian, much of the delight found in The Bookman comes from the amazing amount of material dealing with Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle - articles, reviews, letters, and chatty commentary it all found its way into its pages.

For the first time in one volume, Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and The Bookman collects all of the Sherlockian and Doylean material which appeared during the entire run of The Bookman. Here you will find contemporaneous writing and commentary tracking the history of the Sherlockian Canon as it was being written.

Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and The Bookman is a treasure-trove of Sherlockian History!

"This is an extremely interesting and well put together book. It is a delight to read, whether you want to just dip in as the fancy takes you or whether, like me, you read from start to finish. Congratulations to the editors and the publishers for their enterprise. It can only make one hope that there are other magazines whose Doyle content can be treated in a similar way."
- CADS 58 (June 2010)

"We know there were Holmesian scholars before the Baker Street Irregulars and the Sherlock Holmes Society were founded in 1934, but we tend to remember those who became associated with the societies. This lovely book introduces others, equally worthy, who were commenting on the chronicles of Sherlock Holmes as they were first published. Highly recommended!"
- Roger Johnson, The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

"Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and The Bookman is a bibliophilic delight. It is uncommon in the world of Holmesian publishing for a new book to be both interesting and important, and even rarer for it be beautifully produced. This extraordinary volume is a virtually pornographic pleasure for fans of Sherlock Holmes."
- Otto Penzler, owner of The Mysterious Bookshop

288 pp., illustrated, hardcover with dustjacket, $29.95