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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

One Fixed Point in a Changing Age:
A New Generation on Sherlock Holmes

Edited by Manente, Fleischhack, Roy & Blumenberg

The latest wave of Sherlockians come to the hobby from a non-traditional perspective. They are the Online Generation. And yet, their passion for the World's Greatest Detective is as strong as those in the traditional Sherlockian universe. And now these two worlds come together in this volume. They were dismissed as not being "real Sherlockians." They were accused of never having written anything about Sherlock Holmes. They were mocked for being young. This is the book that proves their critics wrong.

"Sherlock Holmes belongs to everyone. He is the one fixed point. He's always there, always deducing and always saving the day. Even as the world turns and he takes different faces, he's a character and an embodiment of friendship and intrigue that generations after generations are drawn to. The online generation of fans came for all sorts of reasons…but they all stayed for one reason: Sherlock Holmes."
—Kristina Manente

"With The One Fixed Point, the solemn academical Game enters a new millennium. Factoids previously unknown are continually coming to light, and the new generation of enthusiasts (many of whom are young or female or both) bring attitudes and backgrounds of the Internet age. These neo-Gamesters embrace modern-day revelations of a Sherlock Holmes who walks through a world that even Conan Doyle could never imagine."
—Laurie R. King

"One Fixed Point in a Changing Age: A New Generation on Sherlock Holmes is a resounding refutation of the often-seen lament that a younger generation of Sherlockians has nothing to offer the Sherlockian world beyond youth and enthusiasm; edited by Kristina Manente, Maria Heischhack, Sarah Roy, and Taylor Blumbenberg, and with an apt introduction by Laurie R. King, the essays collected in the book offer insightful scholarship into the Canon as well as its modern manifestations. It also is interesting to see how many of the sources cited are from Internet archives, blogs, and YouTube; "the times they are a-changin'" for scholars, too."
—Peter Blau
Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press

284 pp., soft cover, $24.95