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The Strand Magazine & Sherlock Holmes
By Robert Veld

In 1891, this first magazine if its kind began to publish the greatest detective stories of all time, inextricably linking them in the minds of Sherlockians forever. Nothing conjures up the romantic, gas-lit streets of Victorian London like the iconic cover of The Strand Magazine. One glance at that fabled boulevard and readers are transported to a bygone era of top hats and frock coats, hansom cabs, and baffling mysteries. Now, learn the full account of how this celebrated periodical and the Great Detective began their historic journey together.

"It had struck me that a single character running through a series, if it only engaged the reader, would bind that reader to that particular magazine… I believe I was the first to realize this and The Strand Magazine the first to put it into practice."
—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"Waste no time…plunge into the first in-depth history of what Robert Veld calls "possibly the greatest partnership in the history of literature!"
—Leslie S. Klinger
The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library
The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes

"Robert Veld's The Strand Magazine & Sherlock Holmes: The Two Fixed Points In a Changing Age is a detailed and carefully researched exploration of the many Sherlockian aspects of The Strand Magazine, including its publisher, editors, and illustrators; it's a grand story, and told well indeed."
—Peter Blau
Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press

120 pp., illustrated, soft cover, $24.95