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More Sherlock Holmes New Adventures.
The Sword of Death
An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

by Dan Andriacco

A headless corpse, a houseful of high society suspects, a mysterious servant, and a woman in danger. Sherlock Holmes is on the case in one of his most baffling and bizarre adventures!

The horrific sight that greeted us is one that I shall never forget. Seven swords hung by their handle guards. Two hooks for holding additional swords were empty, but one of them was not far away. Covered with drying blood, it lay on the bottom of the concealed space next to a severed head oozing gore.

This follow-up to the critically acclaimed House of the Doomed presents another new mystery in the traditional style of Arthur Conan Doyle, as only Dan Andriacco can capture it!

Dan Andriacco is a prolific mystery writer, as well as a member of The Baker Street Irregulars. The Sword of Death is his second novel length Sherlock Holmes mystery.

116 pp., $18.95