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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

Unmitigated Bleat
Selected Writings on Sherlock Holmes

By Paul D. Herbert

"For the uninitiated, just what are the Writings About the Writings? The obvious answer is that they are writings related to the sixty original Holmes tales authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (or some would say, with tongue in cheek, by Dr. John H. Watson). These writings touch upon a myriad of subjects. It is true that Dorothy L. Sayers later wrote 'the rule of the game is that it must be played as solemnly as a county cricket match at Lord’s; the slightest touch of extravagance or burlesque ruin the atmosphere,' but taking Sayers’ words too literally eliminates the aspects of humor and fun that should be the basic reason for why a Sherlockian is involved in such a pursuit—namely, enjoyment!”
—Paul D. Herbert

And enjoyment abounds in this wonderful collection of writings on subjects as diverse as the bizarre architecture of Yoxley Old Place in "The Golden Pince-nez," to improbabilities in the plot of "Thor Bridge," to an assessment of various Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper pastiches. Along the way, Herbert serves up generous helpings of his trademark humor and wit.

Paul Herbert has, for thirty years, led The Tankerville Club; a scion society in Cincinnati, Ohio, which he founded. A member of The Baker Street Irregulars, he has contributed to numerous Sherlockian journals, and is the author of the critically acclaimed The Sincerest Form of Flattery: An Historical Survey of Parodies, Pastiches, and Other Imitative Writings of Sherlock Holmes, 1891–1980.

221 pp., soft cover, $19.95

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