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"I've Always Been a Collector."
The Finest Assorted Collection (NEW!)
Essays on Collecting Sherlock Holmes

Edited by Peter Eckrich and Rob Nunn


The follow-up to House of the Doomed
The Sword of Death (NEW!)
An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

by Dan Andriaccoe


The critically-acclaimed publication returns!
NEW! The Sherlock Holmes Review
2021 Sherlockian Annual

Edited by Steven Doyle


Every issue of Volume Two reproduced in facsimile.
NEW! The Sherlock Holmes Review
Anthology Volume Two - 1988-1990

Steven Doyle, Publisher


Experience the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle and the doings of Sherlock Holmes as they first appeared to the world.
Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers
Vol. 5: July - September 1894

Edited and Annotated by Mattias Boström, Mark Alberstat and Leah Guinn


Every issue of Volume One reproduced in facsimile.
The Sherlock Holmes Review
Anthology Volume One - 1986-1987
Steven Doyle, Publisher


Forgotten Writings from The Worst Men in London
The Milvertonians of Hampstead
Introduced, Collated and Edited by Nicholas Utechin


A Forgotten Tale of the 14th Century, Rediscovered for the 21st!
The Annotated White Company
Arthur Conan Doyle's Greatest Work


A wealth of exciting Sherlockian treasures!
Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle in the Newspapers
Vol. 4: January - June 1894

By Mattias Boström, Mark Alberstat, Leah Guinn and Matt Laffey


A tantalizing glimpse of the true facts behind eleven cases
The True Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
by Terence Faherty


The art that created the universal image of Sherlock Holmes.
The Complete Paget Portfolio:
Every Sherlock Holmes Illustration
by Sidney Paget
Reproduced Directly from The Strand Magazine,
Including the Surviving Original Artwork

By Nicholas Utechin